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Gaggia Carezza Deluxe RI8525/01

Gaggia Carezza Deluxe RI8525/01

Normaali hinta: 321,00 €

Special Price 289,00 €

Saatavuus: Varastossa


Gaggia Carezza Deluxe on kotona käytettävä manuaalinen espressokeitin, joka sopii aidon italialaisen espresson, kahvin, cappuccinon, latte macchiaton tai muiden kuumien juomien valmistamiseen.

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Gaggia on Italian ensimmäinen espressokeittimien valmistaja, ja sillä on käsikäyttöiset, erittäin automaattiset ja puoliautomaattiset espresso- ja kahvinkeittimet.

Gaggia Carezza Deluxe on kotona käytettävä manuaalinen espressokeitin, joka sopii aidon italialaisen espresson, kahvin, cappuccinon, latte macchiaton tai muiden kuumien juomien valmistamiseen.

Paineistetun "crema perfetta" suodatinkotelon avulla voit aina saada erinomaista espressoa ja kahvia, riippumatta kokemustasosi.

Tekniset tuotetiedot

Tekniset tuotetiedot


21,0 x 30,0 x 28,0  cm

Vesisäiliön kapasiteetti

1,4 L


4 KG




Muste musta

Materials and finishing

ABS / Ruostumaton teräs


50  Hz


1900  W


230  V





Model Manual
Grinder Model Ei


  1. Wedding present Arvostellut R G L

    Coffee machine bought as wedding present so have no personal experience but advised it is supplying good coffee and working well.

  2. great Arvostellut IK

    An excellent machine. I had a Baby Gaggia and decided to upgrade. It's as quick and makes as good a coffee as the Baby but the water top up is slightly more difficult because you can't easily see the water level. But overall seems to be great. Hope it's a reliable machine. ... time will tell.

  3. Works Well Arvostellut Maeve Barrans

    I had a little trouble initially inserting the water filter but after a little time and effort, the machine works very well and I am very happy with it.

  4. A Brit Cook Abroad (Germany) Arvostellut Fast delivery and good product

    Was looking to upgrade to a better espresso machine and Gaggia was recommended to me. So far this seems like a good choice, but the instructions are confusing and I'm still trying to figure out what the "rinsing" button does.

  5. <3 Arvostellut Marta

    I love my coffee Machine

  6. Gaggia Carezza Arvostellut Iainf

    Very impressed. Makes perfect hot espresso. Simple and easy to use. I use my machine a lot. Would recommend highly to others.

  7. Five Stars Arvostellut Pawel Pluta

    Excellent product. Thank you

  8. Great coffee machine Arvostellut Nigel

    When my long-suffering Gaggia Classic finally gave up the ghost after many years of hard service, I decided to give this a try. My only reservation about the Gaggia Classic was its disappointing steam flow rate for steaming milk. I hoped that this would be better and I was not disappointed. The Carezza Deluxe is a great machine which has proved to be an all round improvement on the Classic - everything about it is better designed and it produces much more steam. It isn't as robust as the Classic, so I don't expect to get quite as many years of service out of it but I have no regrets about making the change. A great machine.

  9. Five Stars Arvostellut philip hartfield

    Excellent piece of kit. Easy to use and makes lovely coffee

  10. Made few cappuccino's so far and it is excellent! Happy with the purchase at this time Arvostellut lenka vlckova

    Made few cappuccino's so far and it is excellent! Happy with the purchase at this time, will see if it stands the test of time

  11. ovely machine, looks good, and makes great expressos Arvostellut MJ by the Sea

    Lovely machine, looks stunning in the kitchen.

  12. Highly Recommended easy To Use Arvostellut Andyroo

    I decided to go for a Gaggia after my previous machine packed up. I have had several espresso machines and consider myself to be reasonably serious about coffee. I prefer a manual machine as I think it leaves you in control of what you are making and allows you to tailor a cup of coffee exactly to your liking. I have only been using this for 4 days and it was very easy to get to grips with. In fact by cup 3 I had it spot on! It makes an excellent coffee with a superb crema. The Milk brother is the best I have come across and overall I think it bring excellent quality at a very affordable price. So far so good
    I am delighted with my choice!

  13. Brilliant Arvostellut Richard

    Superb product easy to use gives coffee with superb crema and the steam jet is powerful froth just like the shops

  14. Five Stars Arvostellut j w forrest

    the gaggia coffee machine is easy to use and produces perfect coffee every time.

  15. The best home made coffee Arvostellut GKB

    The best home made coffee I have ever produced and the machine is also great to look at.

  16. Christmas present but I understand the recipient was very pleased with this Arvostellut Mrs. D. J. Harper (Bath England)

    Given as a Christmas present but I understand the recipient was very pleased with this machine

  17. Brilliant! Arvostellut Sylvia Wells

    Extremely pleased with it, makes great coffee. The only one negative is that you cannot see the level of the water very easily.

  18. Good product, as I would expect from Gaggia Arvostellut E. A. Tranter "lool" (Jakes Mums Room)

    Fast delivery, especially as it came from Italy. Good product, as I would expect from Gaggia, and makes excellent coffee. Highly recommended

  19. Five Stars Arvostellut Bjg

    Excellent coffee machine. Easy to use and perfect coffee everytime.

  20. Fantastic Arvostellut Pamela harvey

    Excellent. Makes fantastic Espresso etc.
    Easy to use and clean.

  21. Great Gaggia! Arvostellut John Needham

    Did a lot of shopping around before buying this having had another Gaggia Espresso Deluxe for 15 troublefree years.

    Was delighted with the functionality (15 bar essential), style, price and delivery - all the way from Italy.

  22. Excellent and Easy to use Arvostellut Adam Harris

    My first 'proper' coffee machine. I've had cheap ones in the past that just didn't make good coffee. I was concerned that I would not be able to get this to work perfectly, but it is easy to use and right of the bat produced brilliant coffee. Further more, it looks really good as well. My mother, who has a very expensive Krupps machine is now looking to replace it with this one!

  23. The return to Gaggia Arvostellut Rhone

    Started with Gaggia Classic some ten years ago, then onto Gaggia Baby (Top machine in Which survey) , then when that wore out, a brief unhappy flirtation with a Coffee Pod machine, now I 'm back to Gaggia, and real Espresso coffee and Cappaccino's. This Carezza Deluxe machine is an up date version of my first two Gaggia's and produced a stunning coffee from the first try. I'm on day 5, and the coffee it makes at home is the equal of the specialist coffee bar, A bargain at the price

  24. Great coffee Arvostellut Katrina Orr

    Looks good and makes excellent coffee. Thought our previous machine was good but this gives a superb crema - a new home made coffee experience !

  25. 5.0 out of 5 stars What a coffee maker! Arvostellut P M WAY

    We have owned Gaggia coffee makers for over 20 years and this one is fantastic. The coffee is piping hot and the creamer works really well (we had to buy a taller milk jug as there is so much pressure, the milk really steams and froths high).
    If you are wanting an easy to use, good performing coffee maker, then look no further. We would highly recommend thiis Gaggia.

  26. First class Arvostellut Greg

    My wife didn't want me to buy a coffee machine as she said you can never get the coffee hot, she has now changed her mind and has had her first piping hot coffee from a machine. Love it.

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